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Tips for Hog & Hominy

Amazing atmosphere and you won't find food like this anywhere else in Memphis. Servers are insanely knowledgable about the food and alcohol.

Hog & Hominy

- Ben Clark

The Crispy Head Cheese and the fresh made Pork Rinds we're fantastic and pick a pizza ANY pizza and you won't be disappointed. Great beer selection!

- Shawn Danko

The food here is exceptional. The wait can be long, so entertain yourself with a great cocktail from the bar and some bocce ball. Once seated, enjoy the delicious ride.

Hog & Hominy

- Nathan Kam

The meatballs (and the pork rinds, and the creamed corn, and the okra sufado and the Prewitt Pizza) are so good that you'll never want them from anywhere else.

Hog & Hominy

- Kerry Crawford

No matter what entree you eat, get the peanut butter pie for sure!

- Misbah Razmi

Go as fast as you can... Everything is fantastic

- Troy Clark

Fantastic lunch menu. For God's sake please try the porchetta sandwich, your tastebuds will thank you!

- Itinerant Turophile

Meatballs will change the course of your life!

- Jessica Toliuszis

Just get here and eat! Everything is excellent. I love the creamy polenta and the Parmesan gelato is a tasty surprise. Be sure to get their special spices iced tea.

- MiMi Stanley

Ramen served after 10 p.m. What's not to love about that?!

Hog & Hominy

- Nathan Kam

If you have a hard time making up your mind...order the Red Eye.

- Chris Hill

The pizza is outstanding! Excellent craft cocktails and great service.

- Merry Beth

Get the Chicken thighs with green tomatoes, peach and watermelon.

Hog & Hominy

- SFGate

BBQ Shrimp&Grits were ahhhhmazing. And can't forget about the Peanut Butter pie!!!!

Hog & Hominy

- Lacy Sharpe

The Neapolitan style pizzas here are awesome.

- Kate Yan

Brassica and Gus were very good. Great execution of Neapolitan style pizzas w/ charred leopard spots while retaining a spring to the crust. Flavors were robust w/o overpowering the pizza crust.

Hog & Hominy

- Carter Gibson

There is a late night menu at the bar after ten pm. Amazing ramen noodles

- Dwight Quarles

The ramen is king but you can only get it after 10pm.

- Eric Mathews

The 5 course meal was amazing. Chef Alex was awesome and extremely knowledgeable!

Hog & Hominy

- Jessica Wood

Supposedly serve ramen TH-Sat 10PM– 2AM, Sun 11-11. "A giant bowl costs $10 packed w noodles, duck sausage, a chicken wing, crispy seaweed, pickled mushrooms, carrots, crispy pig ear, a poached egg"

Hog & Hominy

- Adam Lerner

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