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Tips for Buckley's Lunch Box

For dessert, get some La Chica Bakerita cookies.

- Kerry Crawford

I ate the "famous burger" salad today and would for sure go back. Delicious hamburger, seasoned perfectly and MMM! Just melted in my mouth. Waitress was phenomenal. Great local eatery!

Buckley's Lunch Box

- Erin Willis

Fastest quality lunch in East Memphis. Try the Firecracker Salmon with the Spinach.

- Rebecca W

Great burgers, etc

- Robert

Buckley's Loyalty Silver Membership has its benefits!

- David Hall

The Firecracker Salmon is the best!

- Felicia Blanton

The beef tenderloin is the best in town! You won't be disappointed with that and some potatoes. Mmmm.

- Robin B.

Try the chopped steak and spinach. This place is the best!!!

- Natasha Jamison

Try the bourbon street chicken and baked potato salad. Yum!

- Kristi M

Love the Bourbon Street Chicken.

- Lane Carrick

Curiously this is one of the only Memphis establishments I know of that nothing on the menu is fries. Not even the french fries.

- Chris Hill