On the Memphis African American Heritage Tour,'you will be picked up at your Hotel or Local Accommodations and we will take you to'visit'two historical locations in Memphis for Self-Guided Tour of the National Civil Rights Museum and the Burkle Estate "Slave Haven" 'Museum.'The National Civil Rights Museum is the location of the Lorraine Motel where the'Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated and the'Burkle Estate'Museum commemorates an underground railroad stop for slaves traveling north for freedom. Visitors will see and experience the refuge provided for slaves by Jacob Burkle, who was instrumental in'helping countless individuals seek freedom.

You will be picked up at your Memphis hotel or local accommodations and transported to both the National Civil Rights Museum as well as'the "Slave Haven" Burkle Estate Museum for a Self-Guided tour to explore two of Memphis''tributes to the city's'historic past.'

History will come'life within the walls of the National Civil Rights Museum,'where personal stories, historical artifacts, and multimedia exhibits are used to explore five centuries of civil rights and human rights history. Poignantly located at the Lorraine Hotel where Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968.'

In the second half of your tour you'll visit the Burkle Estate Museum know as Slave Haven. A German immigrant, Jacob Burkle was among those of the anti-slavery movement who risked their lives to help escaping Africans seek freedom by harboring them in their homes'and aiding them on their journey north. Cloaked'in secrecy, Burkle, a stockyard owner, operated an Underground Railroad station on the outskirts of Memphis from 1855 until the abolition of slavery. Burkle's unsuspecting, modest home, located near the banks of the Mississippi River, provided refuge for runaway slaves and'is now open to visitors to learn about his life, his contributions to the Underground Railroad, and his part in helping others flee to freedom.'

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