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Tips for Bardog Tavern

One if the best bars in the city. Very chill bartenders and the food is amazingly good (not typical bar food). Check it out on a week day if you really want a good, local experience.

- Scott L.

This is definitely a "bar" but the food is better than any bar food. Order the tomato soup... Best I've ever had. Sliders are good and the special pastas have always rocked!

- Andrea LeTard

This bar is one of the top bars downtown and in fact in all of Memphis. The food and the employees are second to none.

- Jake Williams

Bardog Tavern

Go downstairs for a smoke free restaurant & bar. Terrific bar food, really. Amazing club. Chicken nuggets. Salads. Aldo is Awesome - the man with a plan in Memphis.

- Jessica Toliuszis

Bardog Tavern

Others like Flying Saucer have a larger beer selection, but this place has crafts and an atmosphere - due to locals, service industry peeps, & musicians tipping pints daily! The craic is good here! ☺

-  ℋumorous

Grilled Cheese :)

- Katie Mac

All the food is delicious. Sliders are best in town & fries have sugar on them! Try the grilled cheese dipped in the tomato soup. Or for something fancier... Never had mussels at a bar? Try them here!

- Rebecca Seligstein

Near the front of the bar there are several hanging metal puzzles. See how many you can solve.

- Jake Williams

Bardog Tavern

Bardog is awesome! Love this local pub!

- Alan Hedrick

Great bar with really good (if slightly overpriced) bar food. Great late-night after-show joint.

- David Foley, Jr.

Bourbon Mayo is yummy

- Tenedra

Bar, bar , bar :)

- Jacqui Green

Egg sliders are great. Chicken cutlet is great. Veggie barrio is great. Fries have crack on them I think because I'm addicted.

- David Sparks

Best grilled cheese in the WORLD!!!

- Suzy Halsell

Try the grasshopper shot, mmm!

- Jo H.

Cozy locals' bar in the Downtown core. Great food - try the sliders, spaghetti and meatballs, Dog of the Day.

- Paul Ryburn

Primo people watching.

- Shannon Little

Show up for brunch (12-3 sat & sun), and let me bring you a $4 mimosa, screwdriver, or bloody mary.

- Matthew Trisler

Run with the Salty Dogs on Mondays at 7pm.

- Jessica Grammer

Chili is back on the menu for the fall/ winter season!! Best chili I've ever haf

- Lee Lee Memphis

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