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Tips for R. P. Tracks

You should have a beer!

- Randal Cooper

Get the cheese dip!

- Sean Davis

The buffalo tofu fingers are the bomb!

- Kaitlyn Patterson

The staff here is really friendly. If you hear the train go by, you can get a discount on shots.

- The Commercial Appeal

R.P. Tracks is environmentally sustainable. They've got their Project Green Fork Certification.

- Kerry Crawford

alpha beta pita = awful name, great taste!

- Jordan Danelz

Try the black bean chili. It's one of my lunchtime favorites.

- Reuben Rock

BBQ tofu machos are amazing. Both vegetarians and meat eaters alike have agreed!

- Shannon Little

Buffalo Tofu Fingers yummmm!

- Rebecca W

Vodka water...lemon and lime!

- Vance D. Gamble

The staff here is friendly. If the train passes by, you can get a discount on shots.

- The Commercial Appeal

Personal faves are spinach, portabella, & feta and chicken feta quesadillas.

- Graham Gillespie

Seriously the best Chicken and Chips I've ever had. I eat them way too much. Get them!!

- Brandon Wallace

Highly recommend the BBQ Tofu nachos (hold the cheese for all you Vegans out there!) It's plenty to share or makes a great midnight snack!

- Eryka Smith

R. P. Tracks

Ok, ok. It's not a 'beer', it's a Newcastle.

- Mark Yacoubian

BBQ tofu nachos. Doesn't taste like tofu!

- Greg Koch

Okay. So this is a nice place and all. But my chicken strips are chewy and hard... Like rubber. This isn't chicken.

- 🌴Colby Prince

Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Best thing on the menu

- 1979MF 🙈

The nachos are big enough to feed two people for less than $10.

- Kerry Crawford

Be sure to get a train shot otherwise drinks are good and stout but overpriced

- Erica P

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