Beyond Blessed Kustomz

"Beyond Blessed Kustomz",

was founded by a group of church going auto enthusiasts who teamed up
with other local businesses, wholesalers and distributors to try and
provide the general hard working public with the most affordable way to
build their visions of what they would like their vehicle to be.

Time after time we've seen shops charge outrages prices only to provide
you with poor customer service, parts that are not up to par, and we've
even seen shops try and talk their customers out of their dream and tell
them what 'they' think their ride should look like.

Beyond Blessed Kustomz decided on November 10, 2004 to open up a one
stop, stay open late, shop. Where we can provide the average hard
working auto enthusiates an affordable place to build their dreams into
reality. We listen to our customers and try to share in their dream of
what their ride should look like in order to give the customer what they
want. Some of the bbk crew has had over 15 years of experience building
custom vehicles in order to provide you with the best quality work you
can expect when dealing with professionals. Our customers are our auto
enthusiasts family, not just a pay check. We take pride in building your
vehicle into a ride that not only are you happy to drive , but also to
show off to the world.

At Beyond Blessed Kustomz, we are "you!" The average hard working
american striving to build your ride into a rolling statement of
yourself and to stand apart from the rest. We love nothing better than
to chop up a ride and slam it to the ground and wait for the perfect
opportunity to drag it till we run out of titanium or road. To sit in a
parking lot and shake the ground with our thunderous bass, to watch the
ladies eyes bulge as we pop open our doors with the press of a button.
To watch the kids at the local schools wave at you like a superstar as
you drive by hitting your switches.

Beyond Blessed Kustomz would like to thank everyone who has supported us
and encouraged us to be better then the rest. To those who have stayed
up late nights with us building other customer rides in order to get
them out on the streets where they can shine. To all of you who
represent our business to the fullest by wearing our gear and tattooing
your rides with our business logo. Also to all the local businesses,
distributors and wholesalers involved with BBK.

Special thanks to our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST, and the team members
of "KNOWN" kustoms car club. You are all truly a blessing to us!

Remember, if you can afford to do anything else to your vehicle other
than put gas in it, while still providing for your family and yourself.
You're not just blessed. You're "BEYOND BLESSED"!