Sometimes when technological medicine has nothing
more to offer a person, we can find the deepest healing in a simple green blossom.
(Amanda M. Crawford from "The Roots of Healing" by Deb Soule)

Embellir (um-bee-leer), the fusion of nature and formulations promoting products containing natural oils, herbs, extracts, and botanicals--PURE NUTRITION for your outside and your inside.  Our products deliver optimum results based on a healthy natural living style.  They will help you to reverse the damaging effects of age, environmental toxins, and stress.

Relax! You can feel good about visiting Embellir and using our wonderful products.  Products are free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, genetically modified organisms, and cancer-contributing colors and fragrances.  Our products are free of talc, synthetic oils, harsh preservatives, parabens, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, and toxic chemicals.

Embellir promotes health through a comprehensive range of natural and organic products. We believe in taking advantage of all aspects of healing including mainstream procedures and medicines; but our main focus is on phyto-nutrients and plant therapy.  We use and apply ancient wisdoms with today’s advancements to help our customers achieve and maintain optimum well-being. We promote a necessitation for life-style changes, wholistic education, innovative wellness products, less dependency on prescription drugs, a clean earth, a clean home environment, and developing a spiritual life centered around the biblical scriptures.

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