Fire Cracker Marketing

I work with businesses to increase their sales, through the use of text message marketing. Using text messages as coupons and to announce sales and specials. FireCracker Marketing text message advertising targets the perfect demographic. 

FireCracker Marketing is a mobile SMS marketing agency. We offer business owners a way to reach customers anytime/anyplace on their cell phone, AND ONLY WITH THEIR PERMISSION.


Let us show you how text message marketing will explode your response rate and generate new revenue. FireCracker Marketing offers a complete turnkey solution. We'll manage the campaign while you manage your business and watch your customer traffic increase


Text message advertising cost about a 1/3 of other forms of advertising and is much more affective. 1-2% of consumers read and use printed coupons. 3% pay attention and respond to TV or radio ads. 3-4% will respond to an email offer. That means most of your advertising dollars are wasted. 95% of consumers will read a text message from you within 4 minutes and 23% will act on your offer right now. In addition to that, more than 60% of consumers say they want savings offers sent to their cell or smart phone and say they text twice as much as they talk. 50% of consumers who receive a text message offer will forward it to at least one other person. CNBC says the number of consumers who'll make mobile purchases this holiday season will double from last year, it has been called the most powerful advertising form ever.


FireCracker Marketing will show you how to:



Get your customers begging to receive text message ads from you

Get 95% of your customers to read your message minutes after receiving it

Get 15-40% of your customers to respond to your offer

 Attract lots of new customers who want to do business