For Your Business Bookkeeping Service

Services Available

*Coding and Posting of monthly/quarterly bank transactions
*Coding and Posting of monthly/quarterly credit card transactions
*Balancing of bank statements with outstanding transactions if provided
*Creation and maintenance of General Ledger accounts
*Review and preparation of Financial Statements
Sales and Sales Tax
*Preparation of monthly/quarterly sales reports
*Preparation of TN, MS or AR sales tax reports
*Sales tax audit support
Payroll and Payroll Taxes
*Calculation of ____ Net checks with withholding statements
*Calculation and preparation of State withholding reports (MS or AR)
*Calculation and preparation of state unemployment reports
*Calculation and preparation of federal withholding reports
*Year end reporting and W-2 and 1099 preparation
*State unemployment tax audit support
City & County Business Tax and Personal Property Tax
*Preparation of annual city & county business tax reports
*Preparation of annual Personal Property Tax schedule
*Review of prior financial statements
*Review and suggest revisions (if needed) to accounting procedures
Other Services Available
(fees to be agreed on)
*Contractors License Renewals
*Partnership Agreements
*Limited Liability Company Formations
*Liability Insurance Audit Support
*Audit Support
*Onsite Training
*Procedure Manual reviews or writing
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