Free Rx Plus

Save up to 90% on your prescription medications with this free program!

What is this program and how can it help me?

The FreeRxPlus Prescription Savings Program is a program that benefits the uninsured and underinsured.  Anyone with or without prescription coverage can take this card to a participating pharmacy when they drop off a prescription and receive a savings on their medication.
How much of a discount will I get?  Discounts vary depending on the medication and the pharmacy. Discounts typically range from15% to 90%, with the largest savings coming from generic medications. The program has provided savings as high as 90% and the customer will always receive the lowest price at the pharmacy!

Where can I use the card?
With over 54,000 participating pharmacies, it is simple to find a pharmacy that will accept the FreeRxPlus card. Visit or call 1-800-808-1213 to find participating pharmacies in your area. Nearly all major chain pharmacies and most independent pharmacies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico are included in this program such as:
• Kmart • Target • Costco • Walmart •Walgreens •CVS •Pathmark •Rite Aid •Giant
visit  or call 484-548-0154