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Tips for Boscos

Try the Salmon.

- Phantomluvr Luva

Husband swears by the Pollo Diablo pizza

- Carrie Brown-Smith

The fried calamari is the best in town.

- Rachel B

All of the pizzas are delicious!

- Courtney Pinkston

Try the RedHop Ale while you can! Help fight MS and support your local homebrewer, my friend Mikey Erskine. P.S. Check out his local beer blog Fuzzy Brew!

- Carrie Brown-Smith

If you're not sure what beer to get, you can get a sampler of 3 oz. glasses of all eight brews for $8.

- Kerry Crawford


Chesapeake pizza double meat with the flaming stone beer is out of this world If Cici is there, she will take great care of you.

- George Simpson

Wtf happened to Overton Square

- Troy Clark

Happy St Pats!

- Gayle Schultz

Pasta was good, sauce was original, beer was awesome with a great atmosphere A+

- Joshua Pfahl

The portabella sandwich is excellent. The creme brûlée too!

- Armand G

One of my local favs. I recommend the following: midtown brown beer, chesapeake pizza, black bean sad goat cheese tamale, parmesan garlic fries (not on the menu but ask!).

- Shannon Little

Try the new hummus! It is tasty!

- V Cupples

Service at the bar used to be great. Now it sucks. Not friendly or attentive. If you go, ONLY ask for Liz or Fleet. The only two here who care to be here.

- Lindsey R

Shrimp + Grits = epic

- Nick Clark

The tamale is AMAZING. Best thing I have had here.

- Carrie Brown-Smith

Blood Orange Martini is my favorite.

- Liz Royer

I love this place. I come quite often. Y'all have got to stop spraying BLEACH WATER on tables while people are eating. It's absolutely terrible. It makes it so you can't smell your food or wine.

- Emily Adams


Irish birthday!

- Gayle Schultz

Try the Isle of Skye Scottish Ale if you love dark brew.

- Bianca Phillips

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