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Tips for Ching's Wings

You can't go wrong with 10 original seasoned party wings and a cup of orange mound punch.

- Kerry Crawford


- frankd Robinson

Some of the best wings in Memphis in addition to being some of the biggest Tiger fans around. Enjoy the food and check out all the Tiger memorabilia on the walls.

- Memphis Tigers

Whole wing combo. Hot. That's the way to go

- Hunter Krauch

Order the Chicken Tenders with your favorite sauce for a less messy option. I love Honey Hot + Lemon Pepper sprinkled on top.

- Paige Rebecca

Those wings by far are the best I've ever had besides my granny or moms wings. Love the lemon pepper wings

- Timmie L. Davis

Some of THE BEST wings in Memphis! It's always packed tho, so call ahead.

- Laurie B

You can never go wrong with the 10 piece hot blue cheese and season fries :-) ♥

- Dakarai Ellis

Honey hot wings and seasoned fries to perfection. Yes, Lawd. 👌🏾

- Larry Bryant

Honey gold wings you have to put honey gold sauce on the fries as well #thankmelater

- Samuel Hennings

A Memphis must visit. Food is amazing, and super filling. I recommend everyone call ahead to decrease in store wait.

- Madison Inman

Ching's Wings

My daughters loved it!

- Ceasar Smith

You have to be prepared to wait at least 25 minutes sometimes up to an hour on the weekend. The wings are great and worth the wait, but the fries are really what I come for!

- Mallorie Denton

Try the honey gold wings! They are so good. It is best to call in your order before you come so you don't have to wait so long on your food.

- Mariah Johnson

THE BEST place for wings in Memphis! Honey Gold medium/hot are fantastic! Be ready for at least a 30min wait no matter what time of the day.

- Kimberley Padro'

Many of my classmates are recommended to me this store. The Fried chicken tastes good.

- YI Yang

Call in because the wait tends to get long, but well worth it! Order the honey hot party wings with an orange mound punch! Or you can also get any of the flavors on tenders if you prefer.

- Ashley Staton

Absolutely my favorite hot wings place. The staff and owners are so nice and helpful. They have delicious food and it's fast.

- Brittani Rumsey

Love chings hotwings! One of the best places for wings in Memphis. Inexpensive, quick, and fun environment!

- caitlin mcnally

Half honey gold, half seasoned. Orange Mound punch goes great with anything on the menu. And, you can specify all drums or all flats

- Tiffany Langston

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