Tips for Club 152

Dj swagg's house! Reggae, all the new hip hop and r&b! Video Djing on over six screens.

- DJ Swagga

Try them Wangs!!!..(wings)..... Man o man!

- Drmzrmythang

Monday, tues, and wednesday night tha band is smokinnnnn!!!!!

- Drmzrmythang

Visit Dustin and Kristin on the first floor on Fridays and Saturday's! LOTS of fun:) they'll definitely take care of u!!!

- Kristin McCallum

Fights on the second floor. VIP on the third - dress right and get a wrist band in the street.

- Richard Longhurst

The night always ends here!

- Johnny Holt

Yo, come here, this place is the shit

- Zack Smith

2nd floor is 107.1 and the 3rd floor is 107.5. choose carefully.

- Alley Gaga

Love the jello shots

- Robin Taylor

The pizza is amazing!!!

- Mary Langford-Powell

Why would you ever go here? Trash, Trash, and more Trash!

- Mark Crellen

You have to b on the third floor to really appreciate 152. And u have to take jello shots.

- Tami Sawyer

All about dem cinnamon toast crunch shots upstairs doe!

- Alexander Keyan

Dancing with the woo woo and Julieanne!

- Angie C.

Go on Sunday afternoons for the crawfish boil. So delicious! Bonus- live music!

- Rebecca Seligstein

Club 152

First floor Thursdays with swag and the wolf pack!

- Seven

I spend my money anywhere but here.

- Phantomluvr Luva

Very good chicken salad

- Nadine Junker

Get In shape! 152 Has boot camp classes Monday nights at 7, zumba Tuesday nights at 7. Both classes are $5 and held on the 2nd floor

- Seven

I have worked here for six years. Second floor is fun... Great music on all floors

- Seven

Location & Directions