Tips for Comics and Collectibles

Best comic shop in Memphis, one of the best in the country. Stop in on a Wednesday when all the new comics come out.

- Zachary Whitten

You must check out their comics collections, the best in Memphis.

- Cedric Stevens

Be sure to establish a pull list if you come regularly. You'll earn yourself a discount and it's the only true way to support a book you like.

- Scott L.

An understated place. One of the best comic book stores in the country. If you're looking for a fun game, buy a copy of Munchkin.

- The Commercial Appeal

Great comic store close to U of M. Free comic book day falls exactly the Saturday of finals week. This could serve as a treat after a long exhausting semester.

- Walter Hargrove III

The comic books

- Tokia Fant

Lots of good stuff.....

- Mr Maggio

Great selection of new comics, back issues, and TPB. They also have comic supplies, action figures, t-shirts and more!

- Steven Booth

Check out their selection of graphic novels and art books.

- Kerry Crawford

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