Tips for Fox & Hound

When did fox and the hound become a strip club? Why are all the waitresses wearing lingerie?? I'm not trying to look at this girls breasts while I eat.

- Emily Pilkington

The 5.99 fish and chips for lunch is a good bet.

- Chadwyck Reynolds

Great atmosphere for your causal day or night. Great staff and more.

- Khynaa Monroe💋 Your Favorite model!

Well Emily P. u just so happened 2 come in on Victoria Secret night, therefore it only happened one time and u didn't have 2 stare in jealousy!!

- Torie Dunn

The female manager that works here is great.

- Gloria Gant

Chicken tacos Baby!!!!

- Victor D. Guy

This place kinda sucks....

- Katie Rhodes

Love this place!

- Burnerdett Hayes

Chicken quesadillas are excellent!

- Takeisha Woodson

Fish and chips are delish!

- Ronda Champlin

Man, I had nachos there for the first time and they are AWESOME! They use real cheddar cheese, and the chips were crisp & tasty.I also saw my first UFC matches there--it was fun.

- Blake McVey

This is the best Burger in town. I know...I as am surprised by this as you are.

- Chadwyck Reynolds

Great place to watch the Steelers game!

- Greg Moody

One Of My Fave Spots To Just Simply Chill...

- 💋 TAMLA 💋

Pizzas are really good here. And $2.50 pints on Tuesday nights!

- Alex Shindler

Good food and great place to chill with friends .

- Jasmine Franklin

Slow service. Food tasted like it sat under a heating lamp. Fries were cold. A friend ordered a burger & it was overcooked. Others liked the salad. I guess the key is order food that's served cold.

- Brandi Taft

Pretty average eats. Was hoping for more British fare.

- Melonee Griggs

I enjoy the food and beer!

- Larry Bryant

Awesome place to watch sports. The fish and chips are good, too. However, there were some complaints on the staff from two nearby tables for different incidents.

- Talk2Q

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