Tips for Hog & Hominy

Hog & Hominy

Amazing atmosphere and you won't find food like this anywhere else in Memphis. Servers are insanely knowledgable about the food and alcohol.

- Ben Clark

The Crispy Head Cheese and the fresh made Pork Rinds we're fantastic and pick a pizza ANY pizza and you won't be disappointed. Great beer selection!

- Shawn Danko

Hog & Hominy

The food here is exceptional. The wait can be long, so entertain yourself with a great cocktail from the bar and some bocce ball. Once seated, enjoy the delicious ride.

- Nathan Kam

Hog & Hominy

The meatballs (and the pork rinds, and the creamed corn, and the okra sufado and the Prewitt Pizza) are so good that you'll never want them from anywhere else.

- Kerry Crawford

No matter what entree you eat, get the peanut butter pie for sure!

- Misbah Razmi

Go as fast as you can... Everything is fantastic

- Troy Clark

Fantastic lunch menu. For God's sake please try the porchetta sandwich, your tastebuds will thank you!

- Itinerant Turophile

Meatballs will change the course of your life!

- Jessica Toliuszis

Just get here and eat! Everything is excellent. I love the creamy polenta and the Parmesan gelato is a tasty surprise. Be sure to get their special spices iced tea.

- MiMi Stanley

Hog & Hominy

Ramen served after 10 p.m. What's not to love about that?!

- Nathan Kam

If you have a hard time making up your mind...order the Red Eye.

- Chris Hill

The pizza is outstanding! Excellent craft cocktails and great service.

- Merry Beth

Hog & Hominy

Get the Chicken thighs with green tomatoes, peach and watermelon.

- SFGate

Hog & Hominy

BBQ Shrimp&Grits were ahhhhmazing. And can't forget about the Peanut Butter pie!!!!

- Lacy Sharpe

The Neapolitan style pizzas here are awesome.

- Kate Yan

Hog & Hominy

Brassica and Gus were very good. Great execution of Neapolitan style pizzas w/ charred leopard spots while retaining a spring to the crust. Flavors were robust w/o overpowering the pizza crust.

- Carter Gibson

There is a late night menu at the bar after ten pm. Amazing ramen noodles

- Dwight Quarles

The ramen is king but you can only get it after 10pm.

- Eric Mathews

Hog & Hominy

The 5 course meal was amazing. Chef Alex was awesome and extremely knowledgeable!

- Jessica Wood

Hog & Hominy

Supposedly serve ramen TH-Sat 10PM– 2AM, Sun 11-11. "A giant bowl costs $10 packed w noodles, duck sausage, a chicken wing, crispy seaweed, pickled mushrooms, carrots, crispy pig ear, a poached egg"

- Adam Lerner

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