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About Huey's

Huey's is a locally owned neighborhood bar and grill with seven locations around Memphis. We proudly hold the title of Best Burger in Memphis since 1984. Check out our website for more info!

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Tips for Huey's

Someone sat in my section last night & wrote on their tab "FourSquare was right. You are the best server! HA!" If you are that person, Thanks! I was having a bad night & you made it whole lot better.

- Shannon Little

the tuna steak salad is Muy Bueno.

- Chadwyck Reynolds

Sweet potato fries are delicious.

- Natalie L.

I think Huey's should make a check in special where you get free queso with two check ins! I LOVE the queso!!!!

- Katie Slemp

If you're new at trying to get a toothpick in the ceiling, always remember: blow air out, not in. Rookie mistake.

- Raquel Miranda

Ask for Shannon. She's the best server they have.

- Shannon Little

best burgers in the mid-south. if you get anything -- get the huey's burger and cheese fries. you will never go wrong with the two.

- Mary Kate

You can't go wrong with a bowl of potato soup. Nachos are great too!

- Jen Simmons Clarke

The steak stick snack is phenomenal and perfect if you're not starving but want something filling

- Jennifer Jill

Get the bleu cheese, Heinz 57 but substitute a black bean burger!

- Steve Masler

Nothing compares to Huey's cheese fries. Comfort food at its best!

- Elissa Stratton ☀️🍦

Wings people!!! Some goooood stuff!!!

- Adam Hill

The mayor gets a bluff city,medium well, with potato soup ..just sayin.

- TJ Willis


Potato soup was good. Veggie burger horrible. I don't know what kind of veggie party these other people ate. Mine was over "chared" tasted straight from the freezer.

- Vrinda Patel


Live band (King Beez) on Sunday just made my visit to Memphis great! Don't forget to leave your mark on the ceiling too!

- Lisa Colomb

Booth seating gives you an opportunity to tag the walls, so bring a sharpie! Always go for fries...

- Olivia Cummings

Burgers have taken a tumble. They're crap frozen meat patties fried on a flat top griddle. Menu says "chargrilled", but the meat isn't. Disappointing burger. Devastating changes.

- Joe Vinson

Get chicken fingers and/or a Huey burger! They are the best

- Amber Smith

Make sure you see Dani when you come in to Huey's on Poplar. She made our lunch with the kids a great experience.

- Mia Madison

If you're not having the burger. Try the fiesta chicken wrap. Its very good.

- Chadwyck Reynolds

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