Tips for Lorraine Motel

Be sure to check out the National Civil Rights Museum!

- The Grio

Take a moment to absorb this historical landmark. It is exactly as it was back in the day when Dr. MLK Jr. Was shot. The Civil Rights Museum is across the street.

- Lizzy Lapp

The National Civil Rights Museum includes the Lorraine Motel, where King's room is exactly as he left it before stepping out on the balcony to his death.


Get there early and plan to spend a few hours. This is not something you want to rush through. You could easily spend three hours or more here. So worth the time.

- Amanda Whetstone

Lorraine Motel

Never know who U run into here!

- Shawn Lewis

Lorraine Motel

Just visit and always Remember!

- PJ Steele

Great way to put your kids in touch with history!

- Brandie Creswell

A timeline that shows how King and Earl's lives came together at the Lorraine along with the hunt for James Earl Ray. Puts the Lorraine in the context of the times.

- Sean Cleary

Lorraine Motel

Unbelievably moving. Historic and important landmark.

- Sara 🌈⚔🍾

The history that it holds & shares about the last moments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

- Reashun Gladney

The site of Dr Martin Luther King's assassination in 1968, and adjacent to the National Civil Rights Museum.

- B Nash

A good opportunity to learn more about Dr. MLKjr and black american history as well.

- Paula Freire

Lorraine Motel

Worth stopping by even if the museum is closed. There are educational video installations outside.

- Yaeka Katsuta

Lorraine Motel

Walk around the side to see the room where MLK Jr. was shot. Visit the Civil Rights Museum while you're there!

- Michelle L

Where dr. Martin luther king jr. Was shot and killed by james earl ray

- Ryan Massey

The motel has been preserved and is a part of the National Civil Rights Museum.

- Divya Mulanjur

Really it is something to see that veryheart breaking

- Crystal Purifoy

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