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About Memphis Drum Shop

Memphis Drum Shop offers the beginner, semi-pro, and pro drummer six showrooms of anything and everything drums.

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Tips for Memphis Drum Shop

Check out the Memphis Drum Shop.

- Kerry Crawford

4 all yo drummin needs!!!....this is most definitely tha place!

- Drmzrmythang

For All yo drumming needs ....sticks,heads,cymbal room,drum kits,vintage drum kits,vintage snares....u name it they got it....

- Drmzrmythang

The drum shop has an impressive selection of vintage drum kits.

- Kerry Crawford

4 EVERYTHING Drums, this is yo spot!

- Drmzrmythang

Check out the cymbal room and ask about the gong chamber! Great things happening here. Jim and Nancy are also great people.

- Kent Gray

The cymbal vault is only a small fraction of their inventory. They have a cymbal warehouse with thousands more.

- Shaun Carman

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