Tips for Paula & Raifords Disco

Have a 40oz. Bitches!

- Phantomluvr Luva

Love this place!!!! Amazing!! Come here for a good time!!!

- Elaine Crawford

Greatest place on earth. Don't listen to Carrie.

- Dusty Nelson

This night spot is the place to go for dancing. It’s complete with lights and all the other features of a dance club.


Paula & Raifords Disco

Prince is Mr. Raiford's spirit animal. (Go after 11 p.m. for the best crowd and bring at least $20 in cash - the cover ranges from $10 to $20 depending on the night.)

- Kerry Crawford

Bring cash!

- Elise Dillingham

just acquired their liquor license!!!! Good Luck with that Paula! ;)

- Katie Mac

Paula & Raifords Disco

This guys trum playing is unreal!

- Melissa Wilkes

5 dolla fireball 

- Taylor Tackett

The screaming noise they play over the music every 45 seconds is the most obnoxious thing on the planet.

- Sam W

Raifords is AMAZING!!!! and Paula is the best!!! Dance the night away! :)

- Katie Mac

Go here if you like it when DJ interrupts every song 10X w/unintelligible mumbling, no drinking on dance floor, and overactive fog machines.

- Carrie Brown-Smith

Had a great time! If you not into dancing or meeting new people, this isn't the place for you.

- Juandale

This place is amazing. Unlike anywhere else I've been.

- Thomas Brennan

Do not leave until "We Are the World" is played.

- Brandon Hubbard

Literally, this place ruined my night. There were way too many people to even move and everyone was mean and rude. Not worth $15. Even if they GAVE me $15 to be there.

- AJ Parker

Paula & Raifords Disco

Lighted dance floor!

- Simi

They only take cash. There's an ATM in the vestibule, right behind the ticket booth.

- Victor

Great night of dancing!

- Terri Walker

If you're ever in Memphis.. do yourself a favor, put your dancing shoes on & head over to Raifords. Heads up: cash only!

- Maximilian

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