Tips for Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium

Explore the solar system and take a trip through the universe in the Lida Gammill Sharpe Planetarium. The planetarium is open Tuesday through Saturday.


The Pink Palace is a great overview of the Mid-South's natural and cultural history. Be sure to check out the miniature circus and the model Piggly Wiggly on the second floor.

- Kerry Crawford

One cool Museum. The actual home of the creator of the grocery Piggly Wiggly. Great family outing.

- Reese Mitchell

I love the planetarium and the exhibits! So much fun for a great price, with lots of interesting things to see and learn about!

- antoinette kent

That exhibit guy is awesome!

- Steve Masler

Exhibits are free on Tuesdays just like the Memphis Zoo!

- Brittney Block

Museum is FREE after 4PM!

- Eric Gillette

The dinosaur exhibit is a lot of fun. Check out the planetarium.

- The Commercial Appeal

Not a single negative thing to stay.

- Larry Bryant

Good friends just had a wedding here. It was gorgeous.

- Drew Smith

Piggly Wiggle house

- Colby

The Gingerbread homes and display in the Enchanted Forest are amazing.

- Tim Scoutelas

Ben loves the trains in the Enchanted Forest.

- Tim Scoutelas

the Enchanted Forest is not to be missed at the Holidays. it's super retro and super cute.

- Kerry Crawford

Take time to read the descriptions about the merchandise on show and follow along the laid path of the museum because it goes in order.

- Ava Jett

They have great exhibits I love the second floor the best for exhibits

- Levi Zielinski

They are in the process of remodeling sections at a time. Currently, they are working on the planetarium until February. Well ask me again how I feel when it's February.

- heather wallace

Expected so much more

- Joe Mack

Planetarium is under renovation. :(

- Paul Novarese

Really slow the day I was there but the mansion in beautiful

- Tim Edwards

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