Tips for Shelby Farms Dog Park

Don't wear nice clothes. Assume a dog or two is going to get excited to see you, so don't look surprised!

- Glyn Vandenberg

There is never a boring day @ the dog park. One off leash dog per guest and you will not believe the space of this off leash dog park!

- Michelle McKee

my Labs Loved it here!

- Kelly Jo

Shelby Farms Dog Park

My favorite place in Memphis!

- Lauren Korleski

Pick up your dog shit people!

- Jason

Let your dog loose in the largest dog park in the country. Travel over hills and around lakes with Rover while he makes friends with dogs, squirrels, birds and other critters

- Caroline

Wonderful dog park! As far as one comment, saying great place for female dog to get knocked up? DUH!! DO NOT bring a dog in heat to ANY dog park!!

- Kathy Trythall

Shelby Farms Dog Park

Nice park! Good for a run or walk

- Adrianne Harrison

Bike ride along the scenic prison

- Gloria Elizabeth

They need to cut all the grass not just some down by the lake is bad

- Brian Lowery

Beautiful improvements to the front entrance!

- Ashley Bruce 🦄

Turn on Q1075 when you get in the car!! We <3 doggies

- Sparxx Q

Watch out for rude bikers that are not well-versed in riding etiquette

- Michael G

When you get back in the car...turn on The Q! We love doggies!!

- Maney Kiss

There is a small system of trails south of the main lake. Great place to let your pooch wander in the trees. Just watch out bc it runs really close to the bike trail.

- Jack Koban

Our downtown dog loves to come out and run. Bring a towel and change of clothes if you plan on going to the ponds.

- Andrew Dale

The off-leash area begins on the inside of the fench. Mind your pets and children until then. The parking area is part road and it's a "parking lot"

- Michael G

A great place to get your female dog knocked up!

- David Lindsey

Location & Directions