Tips for Silky O'Sullivan's

There's a goat here. Seriously. Go see the goat.

- The Commercial Appeal


- Billy Fairchild

Beware of the curly hair bartender!!! Mean little thing!

- Sapana

Besides the goat, the bar really doesn't have much to offer but rude bartenders, generic atmosphere, and a 5 dollar cover. If you are from outta town, stop by and have a diver, but otherwise avoid it.

- Juan Roncal

A blues band and 2 goats; what else does a Memphis joint need?

- Jeff Culler

Ask for Cliff. Best server.

- Shannon Little

Go see the goat. A random dude told me the first ones liver exploded. :-o

- Brian McCormick

Don't be fooled. Cheese fries=nacho cheese fries

- Jaclyn Thomas

Strawberry Daiquiri is good but do not even try the piña colada! Yuck! All 4 girls agreed, waste of money! Stick with Daiquiri! :-) or beer! Great live music! Great patio :-)

- Twirly J 💃

Now if like a historical rustic powerhouse club it is SS

- Stephen King King

Meet Silky and kiss his ring!!!

- Matthew Koch

Grab a friend (or ten) and try a Diver Bucket - it's a gallon of mystery booze.

- Kerry Crawford

Sit on the patio and check out the goats!

- Monica Marie

You can drink a Diver with just 2! My husband and I did it! YUMMO!

- Tiffany Bowers

Try Silky's Irish Ale. Not the cheapest beer on tap, but brewed locally by Ghost River and delicious!

- Darrin Earl

Share the diver with lots of friends!

- Savannah Smith

The Diver Bucket is the best deal on Beale Street.

- Jake Smith

Best outdoor spot on Beale. By "best" I mean "the only."

- Kevin Kearney

They don't feed liquor to the goats anymore. :-(

- Elizabeth

Someone keeps farting. Stop. Seriously.

- Frank Lizzadro

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