Tips for Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Gyros are ok, not as good as Cafe med. Casablanca is best. The Vegi gyro was served cold and bland. Not a bad place for a quick bite but not my idea of Greek or Mediterranean .

- Sarah Smilowitz

Food was fantastic. Everything here is made from scratch - no freezers or fryers in the entire place! The Salmon changed my life.

- Matt Bodnar

Dolmades platter is where its at!

- Susie K

Ok food. Close to kroger. Service is lacking. Why do i have to tip if i order my food like McDonalds? Casablanca has better.

- jeffrey freiden

If you want good Med food, head to Casablanca around the corner. Or Cafe Med for great gyros. The food here is okay but not authentically prepared, and the gyros come with potato chips? Average food.

- Matthew Carroll

Keep it simple! The chicken gyro is the way to go. Be sure to get the potatoes as your side.

- Owen McGuire

Try the weekend chicken pasta special.

- david goodale

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

The Signature Pasta (penne pasta, grilled chicken, balsamic vinaigrette, feta) is only available Fri - Sun.

- Holly Whitfield

Get the turkey gyro club!

- Simon Hua

Meh. Take out leg of lamb was a disappointment. Was really sliced lamb. they scrimped on the roasted veggies. did enjoy the Greek salad so there's that. Really nice ppl so I'm willing to try again

- Alys Drake

The food is sub par at best. The hummus is every sweet. We won't be eating here again.

- Lindsey H

It was OK. I had the vegetarian Greek salad pita with a "healthy" side. Strangely your healthy side comes with potato chips too. Go to Casablanca if you want a more well rounded experience.

- Melonee Griggs

Delicious gyros!

- Geek Noire

We ordered hummus but she (the manager) left it off so we didn't get it. She tried to charge us extra for a side that came with the meal. The food was subpar. Go to Casablanca or The Castle instead.

- Angela Stephen

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