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Tips for Tiger Bookstore

Great selection of Memphis Tigers gear for all ages. Alumni association members get 20 percent off merchandise.

- Jen Simmons Clarke

Tiger bookstore usually has better prices than the campus bookstore. And they have all the Tiger gear/clothing you could want.

- Jono Ertz

Textbooks are easy to get here (and sell back). Also, they have tons of Univ of Memphis fan gear - shoes, sweatshirts, pom-poms, hair ribbons -- just about anything you could possibly want!

- Ashley Brackens

Usually stocked with what I need but not always the best prices but occasionally they have the best deals. They do give discounts to faculty.

- James Lukawitz

I always get my books here. They always have exactly what I need and the employees are very helpful. I also sell my books back there at the end of every semester.

- Hannah Segui

Best prices on textbooks and also cute affordable tiger apparel!

- Rebecca P

Great selection, I am so glad I found this place.

- Joan A.

Try to rent as many of your books as you can! You’ll only look at them for a semester and not think about them ever again! If you can’t rent, then try to buy used! Save your money!

- Sha'ona Coleman

The tiger book store is a great place to find any U of M apparel. It is also a great place to find textbooks at a lower price. Employees are very helpful as well.

- Megan Kraft

The tiger bookstore is a great place to shop for your Memphis needs, wether it's a shirt or a flag to hang up for tailgates. Cheapest Memphis gear in the are!

- Will O'brien

If you need the book ASAP , get it from here. Just walk tbh, parking is hard to find

- Christian Alcala

Great for textbook rentals or purchases! Right near campus, so it's convenient as well. Affordable for those looking to save money!

- Ariel Taranski

There's a little difficulty parking, but it's definitely worth it! Tons of great Tiger merchandise, and the staff is very helpful with find books and such.

- Stephanie Hartigan

Great atmosphere!! Competitive used textbook prices!! #tigerfans #campus #deepdiscounts #outerwear #caraccessories


Way cheaper than campus bookstore. The only place I get tiger gear and books! Not as convenient but worth the money you save.

- Anna Liles

Good location, lots of supplies, and a friendly staff.

- Steven Booth

Friendly staff that will help you find what you need

- Supra Kirk

Used books were so good to read and they were cheaper.

- Adam Hall

Great service, but don't expect to get much money back when you sell your books.

- Dean Van Frank

Textbooks near campus, but the books tend to be for a lower value. You can also sell books easier here than the bookstore on campus.

- Walter Hargrove III

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