Tips for Tom Lee Park

Named for the African-American river boat worker who heroically saved the lives of 32 passengers aboard the sinking M.E. Norman Steamboat in 1925.


Best ground level view in the city. Water below, both bridges, mud island, downtown, the pyramid and the bluffs behind,

- Patrick Mullins

Tom Lee Park

Tom Lee Park is a safe family friendly park located on the shore of the great Mississippi River. Check out the new Beale Street landing and take pics of the Memphis Bridge.

- Lauren Burton

Just a cool Park with a great view of the Mississippi River and the Memphis downtown skyline

- Brad F

Official site of Memphis in May every year. A great location for an entire month of events but finding somewhere to park nearby may be a problem...

- Bri Jones

Follow the mayor

- Rasta MAN Black Dynamite

If you're touring Memphis for Black History Month, don't miss this monument to Tom Lee, an African-American river worker who rescued 32 people in 1925 when the M.E. Norman capsized

- Memphis Travel

Tom Lee Park

Good for relaxing

- Adrianne Harrison

The sunsets are always beautiful & relaxing.

- Reashun Gladney

Great views.

- James Specker

Memphis in May! Music History!

- Billy McAllister

RiverFit, which began as an experiment is here to stay. Yay!

- Anthony Coley

Tom Lee Park

Even though we visited on a very foggy day, we had a good view of the river.

- Tamara Brown

Tom Lee Park

Just go and enjoy the serenity of the Mississippi River. Just don't get in it...

- Nitzana Floyd

Damn there's several hot women here from St.Louis. ...thank the lord for Redheads. ...

- George Glover

Great views!

- Chris G

Its hotter than a mofo here. Say your diabetic to bring water in :)

- Courtney Gray

weather is looking better...

- Sarah Fairfield

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