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Tips for Trolley Stop Market

one of the best places in town to eat lunch!

- Ricky Gipson

Best pizza I ever had here. And the burgers are amazing.

- Beth G Sanders

This is a Pizza joint but they are fresh pizzas

- Nathan Rodgers

this place is the best! the people are great...the food is fantastic and fresh and the atmosphere is love:)


They need more servers. No good reason to wait 10 minutes to get drink order at 1pm. This isn't Gus' Fried Chicken.

- Terry Greene

Usually I wouldn't get a burger in a place with a vegetarian menu... Don't let that fool you... The burgers here might be the best in town

- Will Brigance

Ask Jeremy about his pizza pie special of the day!

- Christopher Bevel

Trolley Stop Market

Return your Rock Springs Dairy bottle, and get $2 off your next dairy purchase.

- Brittney Block

VERY close to UTHSC. Easy walk for lunch. Try the burgers & pizza & DO NOT skip the dessert case!

- Hillary Gayle

I'm from a family of Chicagoans, so I'm admittedly a pizza snob. This place has the best pizza in town! You can't go wrong with any of them. The owners are super nice and they use local ingredients!

- Amanda

I enjoyed the atmosphere and energy in this place. The burger was good but the potato salad was bland. Service was not good but we will probably give it another try later.

- Robert Jackson

The Italian Hoagie is the best!

- Cole Forrest

Get the Jive Turkey Hoagie or any of the pizzas.

- Joe Hayden

The best Lemon Ice Box pie you will ever have.

- Christopher Hewitt

Grilled chicken wrap is one of the best I've ever had, and I could eat chicken for every meal, so that's saying sumthin

- Logan

The gobbler turkey burger is delish

- David Sparks

I can't believe nobody's raved about the potato salad - it's so good it's blowing my mind. Has to be the best potato salad in North America!

- Thom H

Great restaurant or greatest restaurant evar?

- Kaleo Mullen

Shop for fresh local produce, prepared foods, art and wares while they prepare your meal!

- Dave Lewis

amazing pizza! And homemade desserts :)

- Dylan Simms

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