Jeremy S. Photography

Some would call me a digital media junkie, and I would agree with them!  I have always had an interest in photography, but that interest blossomed into obsession after the birth of my first child.

Having a background in audio visual and digital media, I  felt right at home behind the lens.  I love the ability to use technology to create beautiful art that so many can enjoy for so long!  I am passionate about capturing those special moments in life, and doing it in such a way that it will take you back to that moment every time you see the beautiful framed print hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk.

Photography is a beautiful art form and I love to show a  unique perspective of everything I photograph, be it an exciting event like your wedding, or an opportunity to capture a moment in your family history with a fantastic family portrait.

It would be a privilege to share your special moment with you, and an honor to help you capture that moment for a lifetime.

Photo Gallery