JRI Design Build

Jri Design Build

Remodeling That Brings Your Home To Life: Our Design/Build process offers a unique approach to meeting the aspirations and needs of our clients. We arrive at creative design solutions through professional experience and client participation throughout the process.  (This portion is what sets us apart from our competition) Design direction, determined through the use of preliminary sketches, occasionally showing alternative scenarios, are presented to clients. This establishes a close-knit client/builder team. Our attention to design detail goes without saying.We have been known for our reliability, superior workmanship and impeccable service. Using only the highest quality materials.  Our standards of excellence provide you the most return for your investment and substantially enhanced livability of your home. 
When Your Home Has No Room For Second Best.  To meet your budgetary goals, the designers at JRI Design/Build employ some of the most recognizable engineering techniques in order to assure that the quality you demand can be achieved with the maximum cost effectiveness. The result is a home with long lasting value, quality craftsmanship, and guaranteed satisfaction.  Over the years, we have developed a deep respect for the importance of individual expression in home remodeling. Right from the start of every project, we strive to fully understand and incorporate your individuality into every phase of planning, design and construction. The result is a home that is the ultimate signature of your good taste.  When the time is right for you to enhance the value and comfort of your home, the professional staff at JRI Design/Build is ready to be of service every step of the way.  Responsively working with each client provides a team focus between the homeowner, the architectural/design staff, and the craftsmen. Regardless of the size of your remodeling plans, our commitment is to exceed your expectations.  We offer residential remodelling design and construction, remodel planning, kitchen and bath design and construction.  From the small project to the full scale home remodel, we are your personal contractor for life.