Memphis Pagans.Com is a social-networking site for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Heathens, and all of the like a place to network, talk, and meet. The purpose of this site is to help build and support the large and vibrant Pagan community in the Mid-South area.

The site features

* a fully interactive message forum
* user-created small groups for more focused discussion
* a directory of Pagan-owned and run businesses and professional services
* customizable profiles, complete with extra features like friends lists and guestbooks
* a calendar of events, where users can add their own events
* a library of user-submitted articles, writings, poetry, art, music and more... (just as soon as you send me things to put there!)
* a database of reviews, submitted by our users, giving their opinions on Pagan books, DVDs, music, etc.
* listings of local groups, covens, churches, circles, and gatherings.

... and much more in the works.

If you live in the Memphis area, join the site and network with other Pagans in your hometown.