Momentum Physical Therapy

"Get back to life!" with a positive experience. Located "in the loop", easy to get to with convenient parking.

*****Now offering Massage Therapy*****

For many, especially those who have never been to a physical therapist, the process can be intimidating. Our main goal is to make your experience with us a positive one. One way we accomplish this is through creating a professional environment which is both effective and enjoyable. Most of our patients come to us with a problem that is negatively affecting their life, and we take that seriously. But as one of our patients jokingly says, "you can either smile or cry, and I choose to smile." We choose to smile with her!

Physical therapy includes the evaluation and treatment of patients with pain, impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, or changes in physical function or health status resulting from disease, injury or other causes.

We treat these patients through physical and mechanical means: that is, through:

-Instruction / education, including functional training with various assistive devices and adaptive equipment
-Therapeutic exercise
-Hands on techniques (manual therapy including joint and soft tissue mobilization)
-Various forms of heat and cold
-Modalities (machines that utilize electric current or ultrasound)
-Other mechanical devices such as mechanical traction