One Sharp Dude LLC

One Sharp Dude Llc

Steve Collins is One Sharp Dude. I say that for 2 reasons. First, I am a pretty sharp dude. Secondly, I am in the sharpening business.

One Sharp Dude is a mobile sharpening service, catering mainly to hair stylists and dog groomers. I sell, repair, and sharpen beauty shears, barber scissors, hair clippers and knives. My mobile unit is ambulance, the back of which is fitted with 5 precision caliber sharpening machines. All work is done on premises, utilizing the Japanese flat hone technique, one of the skills I learned at the factory. I have the equipment, the training and the testimonials to do the job right. Beauty shears that your stylists use can cost upwards of $300, $400 or $500. So a good prospect for me is your hair stylist and your dog groomer. Tell them you know One Sharp Dude.

Mobile sharpening of scissors, beauty shears, knives of all kinds, clippers, lawn mower blades, garden tools.