Pc Doctor

Our Performance Up Grade Gives you all of the following for only $129.99
Faster PC Performance
Shorter Startup Times
Fewer Errors and Crashes
End Annoying Slowness and Freezes
Stop Internet Explorer Errors
Halt Active X Shield Problems
We will make sure that your PC is working properly and will check and remove and unnecessary programs to improve your PC’s performance. We all make sure your OS is updated, software and security is up to date. $129.99

Virus Removal
1.5 to 2 hours labor $127.49-169.98
We will uncover and solve all issues from viruses, spyware, provide you with the latest version of your current Operating System, Update all drivers with the latest updates, and give you cost effective options for upgrades such as memory, anti-virus software and anti-spyware.

When you come in ask how our $19.99 a month plan can keep you from ever Worrying About Computer Problems Again! Imagine this being the last computer issue you ever have!

Hardware upgrade:
(These are just starting points, each computer is different and your needs may be different)
Memory and install Starting at - $129.00
Hard Drive and install Starting at- $149.00
New Hard Drive w/ Install and Transfer All Data to Larger Drive – $249.99
Video Card upgrade for gaming Starting at – $142.50
On Site Service is $115.00 an hour min 1 hour
Laptop DC Jack repair (this is where the power cord connects to the laptop) $249.00
Laptop Broken Screen (each is model is different) a typical repair is $199.00 to $299.00