Pentad Group, Inc.

Pentad Group, Inc. is a full service real estate company with its origins in Memphis, TN and a modern day footprint in Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Missouri, and West Virginia. Since the mid 1980’s, Pentad Group, Inc. has owned, developed, syndicated, leased, and managed multifamily housing, hotels, restaurants, subdivisions, and shopping centers with a value of over $100 million and raised almost $20 million in equity for those assets.

Pentad Group, Inc.’s founding principles are based on extensive marketplace knowledge, rigorous due diligence, and consumer satisfaction while keeping a watchful eye towards the expense side of management. These principles and our bold vision have served us well to create and preserve value and instill client confidence in our team.

With over 125 years of real estate experience in our office, we have a vast knowledge in all areas of real estate including:

Multifamily Properties

HUD Multifamily Properties

Restaurant Properties

Hotel Properties

Commercial Properties

Investment Properties


Planned Unit Development Properties

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