Seedling Diaper Service

At Seedling Diaper Service we strive to provide the best product at the best prices possible. At Seedling we don't hire staff, we employ Mommies and Daddies who understand that your little one deserves the best.

We provide clean, soft unbleached cotton diapers, laundered using time tested and great-grandmother approved methods. Harsh chemicalsĀ never touch our diapers so that harsh chemical residue never touches your little one.

At Seedling Diaper Service we believe in laundering with love. Fee's are recieved, bills are paid, but the work you do is the legacy you leave... and the greatest legacy that anyone can leave is that of compassion and character.

Give us a call today and you'll see what we mean.


So... how does it work?

Ok.. we exchange your used diapers with soft clean diapers in a hamper liner. Same day each week. your fresh diapers near your changing stationand place the provided hamper liner in your diaper pail.

When you change your baby, just toss the messy diapers in the pail. (Shake any solid poop into the toilet.. please and thank you)

On delivery/pick up day just remove your hamper liner full of messy diapers from the pail and place the hamper liner outside to be exchanged with fresh, clean prefold diapers.

SET UP FEES & REQUIREMENTS There is a one time $45 starter package fee which includes rental/delivery of a diaper hamper with liners and a SnappiĀ® diaper fastener.

Then it's just $30 a week for 70 fresh, clean prefold diapers ready for use. (We can adjust the amount of diapers delivered based on individual need)

We require a 4 week minimum for service, payable in advance.

DISCOUNTS: Multiple children in diapers receive a 10% discount per household! :)

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