The Mutual Fund Store

The Mutual Fund Store® (TMFS) is an independant Fee-Only Investment Advisor, that focuses on providing objective portfolio management for the average investor.

Company founder and Chief Investment Officer Adam Bold founded TMFS with a vision of becoming a premier, independent, fee-based investment advisory and asset management services firm. After spending a number of years in the commission-based, broker-dealer side of the financial services industry, Adam’s vision included a move to a fee-based, advisor-client relationship model where investment decisions and recommendations would be made strictly with clients’ best interests in mind.

Rik Ditter is the Managing Parntner and Senior Investment Advisor of the Memphis office of TMFS.  Mr. Ditter opened the TMFS Memphis in 2006, and has seen the practice grow to over 200 clients during the first two years in business.  Having a long time personal interest in finance and investing, and listening to The Mutual Fund Show® with Adam Bold on KMBZ for years, Rik chose to  become an Investment Advisor with The Mutual Fund Store in 2005.  He recognized that TMFS was his opportunity to provide an important service to a large portion of the population; people who have been poorly serviced, misguided, and in some cases even blatantly defrauded by the very people they have trusted to handle their hard-earned savings.

You may be asking yourself, “What does it mean that TMFS is an independent, fee-based advisor?” It means TMFS clients have peace of mind from knowing the company has not entered into ‘preferred relationships’ with any mutual fund company and will not derive any income specific to an agreement which pays them for utilizing that company’s funds. Instead, our screening process for identifying mutual funds that TMFS advisors utilize in client portfolios includes a heavy emphasis on identifying managers whose funds’ have generated strong, consistent performance over extended periods of time. Also, because TMFS advisors are paid a small percentage fee of their clients’ total assets under management, they are motivated with their clients to see portfolio values increase. TMFS advisors collect no other fees or commissions and are bound by ongoing fiduciary duty to keep their clients’ best interests in mind as they manage investment accounts on their behalf.

For many years, most fee-based investment advisors typically catered only to the very wealthy while individuals with smaller amounts of investment assets managed money on their own or relied on commission-based, brokerage relationships which may not always favor clients. Many fee-based, investment advisors operate with minimum account balances of $1 to 2 million or more. Typical clients of The Mutual Fund Store® open investment accounts with as little as $50,000.

Adam developed a client relations system – Strategic Asset Management System (SAMS) – that focused on development of the advisor-client relationship and personalized mutual fund management unique to each client based primarily on his or her financial goals and ability to tolerate fluctuating security prices in times of market volatility. TMFS clients expect regular communication from their advisors in addition to receiving monthly commentaries via e-mail and his market commentaries in the quarterly client newsletters.

As of 2008, The Mutual Fund Store® and its nationwide system of investment advisors manage more than $3 billion on behalf of over 20,000 clients.  You can learn more about The Mutual Fund Store® at  You can see Adam Bold's national media appearances at

Adam Bold is also the host of a nationwide weekly call-in radio show The Mutual Fund Show®, the only show exclusively dedicated to mutual fund investing since 1998, can heard in Memphis on Saturday's at 10am on WREC 600AM.  You can learn more about Adam Bold's weekly radio show at