Vollintine Evergreen

Vollintine Evergreen

VECA (Vollintine Evergreen Community Association)

This page is for the benefit of residents in and around VECA. Its purpose is to promote a strong sense of community through topical and timely communication.

VECA Facebook guidelines are located in the "Notes" section of our page.

"Without involvement, there is no commitment." - Stephen Covey

VECA has multiple ways to connect to the public.
1. Our website http://veca.org/
2. Our weekly email. To subscribe, go to the website and look for the "Mailing List" located on the right side of the screen.
3. Our newsletter. Newsletters are distributed every other month.
These mechanisms are not just for VECA's use, but also for our neighbors in the VECA neighborhood to connect and inform one another.

The History of VECA

The Vollintine Evergreen Community Association (VECA) was founded in 1971 to increase communication in the biracial neighborhood that previously had no organization. VECA founded a newsletter, the Vollintine Evergreen News, which continues to be published to this day. It involved both whites and African Americans in decision making, committee membership and board membership. Regular meetings allowed all residents to have input into addressing issues of concern. Among the early issues tackled by VECA were code enforcement when landlords were not taking care of their properties, zoning issues to maintain the residential character of the neighborhood, and a national historic district to recognize the fabulous housing in the area. VECA was solely a volunteer, grassroots organization until 1995.

In 1995 VECA received a large grant to rehabilitate housing, acquire a commercial center, purchase an abandoned railroad route that became the V&E Greenline, hire staff, open an office, develop block clubs, rezone the neighborhood to mostly single family zoning. Additionally, VECA acquired and rehabilitated two dilapidated apartment buildings, acquired and rehabilitated a shopping center, and eventually built new affordable housing using city and federal subsidies. The latter subsidized the costs to maintain an office and have staff.

In 2009 economic conditions meant that VECA could no longer afford staff and it was transformed back into a volunteer driven organization. Volunteers became managers of the VECA owned apartments and houses which help provide funding for its central headquarters which was now called the Welcome Center. VECA volunteers continued working on a variety of grassroots issues.

In 2010 VECA officially downsized and simplified its organization by merging the nonprofit and volunteer organizations which continue to retain its status as a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) status. VECA remains involved in a wide variety of activities that are supported by the neighborhood including code enforcement; safety and security issues; planting trees on the medians; managing the V&E Greenline; working on problems in the commercial districts; managing a website and email system; working to increase resident involvement; helping people through the Welcome Center; and supporting a number of very popular events in the neighborhood.

VECA also works hard to recruit new volunteers and respond to the concerns of the residents. Its theme — “Who is VECA –You are VECA” — invites all residents to get involved in maintaining VECA as a quality residential neighborhood.

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