Www.Shirt Mob.Com

Our staff wears a different shirt and promotes a different business every day via the power of social, local, and mobile media. The more mob members you hire, the more eyes that see your message!

Here is the basic principle: You buy a day at its year value. So, January 1st is $1 and December 31st is $365. Then you choose to have up to 10 (or more upon request) of my closest friends take part in the day’s festivities as well. You send us your shirt(s) or have us print and/or design them for you. On your day, the shirt-mob will wear your shirt for the entire day while at the same time plastering your company or message all over several popular social networks.

What do you get for your advertising dollars? Each daily sponsor will get the following:

Between 1-10 people wearing your shirt for the entire day (Mobs greater than 10 people are available upon request).
Photos posted on our homepage and Flickr account, as well as photos on each mob member’s Facebook profile and tweeted via Twitter.
A 2-3 minute commercial about you and/or your product or message that will be posted on our homepage and on Youtube.
Your shirt and your product flaunted on our daily Ustream broadcast.
Your logo or message on our calendar and on the homepage during the week of your purchased day complete with a link to your website.
The ability to give away goodies and other free stuff on your purchased day.