Tips for Aldo's Pizza Pies

Aldo's Pizza Pies

I'm a connoisseur of cheese-based desserts and the cheesecake at Aldo's is, hands down, the best cheesecake I've ever had.

- Kerry Crawford

The garlic knots are ahmazing!!!!!!

- Lauren Sherrill

Can't go wrong with the T-Rex !!

- Bryan Duffel

Aldo's Pizza Pies

$1.00 off all draft beers M-F until 7pm

- Shawn Lilly ๐ŸŒ‹

Aldo's Pizza Pies

They have local breweries on the beer menu!

- Emily Adams

Stop in and see Heather. Probably one of the nicest servers downtown.

- Chris R.

Yummy snack attack!

- Katie

Beautiful patio & great indoor atmosphere. A+

- William Askin

Great food and aldo made sure everything was amazing ... Thanks for the great service

- Skinny The DeeJay

Our table outside tonight had the most beautiful waitress. Really sweet girl. Also, good pizza.

- Colin Lenton

Great pizza and easy access to Main Street. Suggest eat carry out and eat on the sidewalk with good weather.

- Craig Stauffer

Aldo's Pizza Pies

30 beers on tap, 31 in bottle. Check the menu and ask if there are any craft beers not on the menu! โ˜ฎ

- ๎„Ž โ„‹umorous

Great pizza, great beer selection. Really loud. Not a place to carry on a quiet conversation.

- Everett Adamson

Can't sit down to wait for a pizza at a table. Make sure you either wait for your pie where u order or sit down for a meal.

- Stan Tolkachjov

Try the Willie Cheech and Bob pizza. Great!

- David Phelps

Prices seem a little steep. $14 for a 12-inch pizza?

- Jim Mersereau

Delish!! The white pizza is so good!!

- Elizabeth Calkins

Just opened in July 2012. The pizza is great and the beer selection could be more that any other pizza place in town? Seems like 50 different beers draft and bottle combined.

- Jake Williams

Great pizza and service. They are always friendly and helpful when you want to try something new. The garlic knots are soooo good. Highly recommended if you love pizza.

- Mason Hieb

Try the cucumber basil martini! You won't be disappointed. I'm still thinking about it 24 hrs later.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿธ

- Nichole Roxann

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