Tips for Buckley's Lunch Box

For dessert, get some La Chica Bakerita cookies.

- Kerry Crawford

Buckley's Lunch Box

I ate the "famous burger" salad today and would for sure go back. Delicious hamburger, seasoned perfectly and MMM! Just melted in my mouth. Waitress was phenomenal. Great local eatery!

- Erin Willis

Fastest quality lunch in East Memphis. Try the Firecracker Salmon with the Spinach.

- Rebecca W

Great burgers, etc

- Robert

Buckley's Loyalty Silver Membership has its benefits!

- David Hall

The Firecracker Salmon is the best!

- Felicia Blanton

The beef tenderloin is the best in town! You won't be disappointed with that and some potatoes. Mmmm.

- Robin B.

Try the chopped steak and spinach. This place is the best!!!

- Natasha Jamison

Try the bourbon street chicken and baked potato salad. Yum!

- Kristi M

Love the Bourbon Street Chicken.

- Lane Carrick

Curiously this is one of the only Memphis establishments I know of that nothing on the menu is fries. Not even the french fries.

- Chris Hill

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