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Tips for Cafe 1912

Sean the bartender is great!

- Joslyn Jackson

One of the servers here (not mine right now) is so pretentious I may never come back

- Tyler Hamilton

My favorite place! The bar is the best, Shawn is the best bartender EVER! If its crowded, just be patient....its worth the wait!

- Joslyn Jackson

Whitney Houston Pandora station....RIP Diva!

- Joslyn Jackson

Probably one of the best meals I've had in Memphis. The ham scallops are delicious, excellent drinks as well.

- Matthew Carroll

Neighborhood environment makes for a laid-back dinner among fam or friends. Goat cheese ravioli is bomb good.

- Jules Bacon

Cafe 1912's burger with Maytag bleu cheese is one of the best in town.

- Kerry Crawford

Quant & perfect cafe. Excellent diner and great for brunch.

- Jessica Toliuszis

Great wine list, calamari, etc. Everything is wonderful.

- Megan Schmitt

Another great dining experience in Memphis!

- MG

Awesome bar!

- Emily Adams

Request Sam for your server she is amazing and soo fun!

- Tyler Max

Burger is phenomenal. Specials are always good.

- David Turner

Tell Keith the chef I sent you. He'll take care of you ;)

- Rebecca Garcia

Sean the bartender is fabulous! If he can't do it..it can't be done!!! We keep coming back because of him!

- Fina Sullivan

How do you eat your cookies and mouse? It is yummy with the taste of homemade and the luxury of relaxing.

- V Cupples

There's a secret restroom, just off the bar. Be nice and you'll get in.

- Shane Adams

Waited 10 minutes at the bar and no one ever even made eye contact. We left. Come only when you have time and/or patience.

- Liz Phillips

Try the steak with maitre'd butter - so amazing! If you want dessert, the creme brulee is a good choice, really rich and creamy. Service was good and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

- Molly Williamson

This place is really great.I recommend the seafood crepe. The bread pushing and creme brûlée are good too. It is definitely a dining experience though so don't go if you have a time constraint.

- Jason Pace

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