Tips for Casablanca

Say hi to Amir, the owner. His ginger-honey tea and hummus with shawerma are a perfect combo.

- The Commercial Appeal

Falafel sandwich is fantastic along with a cold glass of sweet tea made with ginger, sage and honey.

- Shawn Danko

Easily the best Mediteranian food I've ever had, not just the best in Memphis. Try the Falafel or Humus platters as entres, and follow it up with the Couscous or Shwarma with Lamb!

- Benjamin Olds

The owner is great, makes you feel well taken care of! I have not had a bad meal here, ginger-honey tea is great, both hot and cold!

- Laura Amole

Get the beef & lamb shawerma! Amazing!

- Kate Ellrich

Big Mac Falafel is fantastic along with a cold glass of their signature sweet tea which you can also buy and make at home. The olive oil is a great deal much cheaper than at the grocery and better.

- Shawn Danko

waitress dont know squat

- Keegan Ward

The atmosphere is great for a date of catching up with friends! The beef and lamb shawarma is the best thing on the menu! Messy but authentic, flavorful, and delicious!

- Rebekah Mathews

The chicken shawerma is godly. Eat it.

- Wes Klehm

Get the mousse. Leave a good tip. Compliment the chef!

- Monica Marie

Friendliest people to ever own a restaurant.

- Matt

Absolutely the best food I have had in a long time. We live in MO. & just passing through. But, this will definitely be worth a day trip back.

- Jeneen Hockersmith

Everything here is great. Personal faves include the cold tea, shawarma, grape leaves, & falafel, but its all well prepared and delicious. Family owned, great staff, and you can buy the oil and tea.

- Matthew Carroll

Had to stop from my appetizer combo to say that you need to order the tea (hot and cold, start off with one or the other), get the sampler. For real, this place is delicious! (#outoftowners & #locals)

- Monica Marie

Never, ever, pass on the baklava. Just amazing.

- Dyanna C

Ginger honey tea indeed the best!

- Armand G

I love the beef & Lamb shawerma. The lemonade is some fi'! I'm in love with their wall decor and colors. Amir is sweet and hospitable.

- Melonee Griggs

Must try: hummus, falafel, and a glass of iced honey, ginger tea. Don't forget the baklava!

- Rebecca W

Casa Blanca is a weekly favorite. Start your meal with the 'Simple Favorite' dip. Favorite entrees of mine are the Couscous or Hummus with Shawerma. You will not be disappointed.

- Brantley Davidson

Every dish we tried was incredible! There aren't many places you can say that. Try the sauce in the yellow bottle. It's a pickled mango chutney kind of thing that tastes really good.

- Anu Jayasinghe

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