Tips for Central BBQ

Central BBQ

Beef brisket was so tender I cut it with my fork.

- Jo Ann Sabbagh

The ribs here are excellent. Get some BBQ nachos as well.

- The Commercial Appeal

Central BBQ is Project Greenfork Certified, which means that it's environmentally sustainable.

- Kerry Crawford

BBQ nachos the bestbin the WORLD

- Antonico Thomas

Seriously, the BEST BBQ in Memphis.

- Lauren Kelly

Can't go wrong with anything here. Be prepared to stand in line a while during prime time.

- Michael G

Never ever get the portobello sandwich. I mean you're at a BBQ place. Why would you?

- John Martineau

Please, please have the chicken wings, dry. You won't regret it!

- Kenley Sturdivant-Wilson

My favorite BBQ in Memphis hands down!

- Beth Webb

The ribs are great

- Reese Mitchell

Behold the full order of Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos! You will tell your grandchildren of this victorious day!

- Allen Arcade

Give JC/Scott a hug

- Logan

Central BBQ

Get the pulled pork or the wet ribs! (Or get both!)

- Kris Concepcion

Best in the world. Nachos

- Antonico Thomas

This place stays busy. If on lunch call ahead. So worth the wait.

- Tammie Tabe

I cannot get enough of the pulled pork. Such good flavor.

- Erin Willis

Can't go wrong with the BBQ nachos and banana pudding for dessert.

- Derek Davenport

Best BBQ in Memphis...ribs and turkey are my favorite. Great beers tap.

- Chris Kelley

After hearing all the rave reviews especially in regards to the pork I thought the meal was just "ok" dried out not much flavor. Ribs were good. Not on level with Kansas City BBQ places though.

- Zachary Cobb

Has the BEST bbq nachos you'll ever taste! This weather makes it amazing to sit outside!

- Allie Brown

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