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About Frost Bake Shop

We create custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, cheesecakes, boxed desserts, and more! Always made from scratch our cakes are known for their outstanding flavor and amazing moistness. Try one of our exceptional flavors and you’ll agree – these are the sweets you want to serve your guests.

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Tips for Frost Bake Shop

OMG!!!!! By far the best cupcakes I have ever had!!!!!

- Ashley Frisina-Dunn

I usually don't like coconut, but the mini coconut cupcakes are bomb.com

- John Mathewson

You have to try the gooey butter cake!

- Alisa Cunningham

Very friendly staff, delicious baked goods in a bright, beautiful space.

- Natasha Mayton

Frost Bake Shop

Big variety now thay they have retail space. Best strawberry cake in town!

- Shannon Little

Frost Bake Shop

Gooey butter cookies are really good. But, my favorite is the Memphis cream cupcake - banana nut cake with peanut butter frosting and chocolate drizzle - so good!!!!

- Traci Tester

The best cupcakes in Memphis ~ Moist, delicious and with exactly the right amount of icing. Also, great cakes. Weddings & parties

- Jessica Toliuszis

Best carrot cake, strawberry cupcakes, gooey butter cake...ok, best everything!!!!!

- Kimberly Walker

Most Delicious cupcake is a tie between Carrot and Pumpkin! Very affordable!

- Kyla Wagner

Have the gooey butter cookie and thank me later. Delicious!!

- Jessica Simmons

Frost Bake Shop

Awesome place with great view😉

- Marian Bacon

You know how good the strawberry is! But, go out on a limb and try one if our other tasty treats! It's all good in here!

- Diana Nicholas

Yummy! Cakes! Cookies! Cupcakes! Pies! Cheesecakes!

- Diana Nicholas

Opening in August 2013 in Laurelwood Shopping Center!

- Kim S

Frost Bake Shop

There chocolate raspberry cake is delicious.

- Holly

Great cookies and cakes!

- Natasha Mayton

They have the best tasting cookies and cakes. They do amazing 3-dimensional fancy cakes.

- Natasha Mayton

Ask for the angel of sweetness. Kristi will hook you up. These are heavenly sweets. No comparison. Try anything and you will agree. #getfrosted #keylimepie

- Michael Corner


- Leila  Miller

Cookies are great!

- Tim Taylor

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