Tips for Highland Super Submarine Sandwich Shop

Jennifer Biggs of The Commercial Appeal says "How about three meals’ worth of sandwiches for $6.99? On homemade bread, to boot."

- The Commercial Appeal

Love the Chinese, never had the subs.

- Eric Herren

Still, the best sub in Memphis!

- Rene Jackson

Highland Super Submarine Sandwich Shop

Get a super sub on soft bread — check their list of specials (near the register) for days to get a deal on your favorite sub. Cash only!

- Aubra F

This place is consistently one of my favorite sandwich places in the city. The bread is great and it brings me back to my college days when it was still on Highland.

- Bill Crawford

This is a long time local favorite of mine! Cash only and totally worth the trouble to go get cash. The bread is sweet, made daily I believe. The ingredients are always fresh and you can taste it.

- Denise Bond

Skip the Chinese food. Sandwiches are where it's at. Get it on hard bread for toasted, buttery goodness

- Tiffany Langston

Super harr sub

- James Herrin

Soft bread is a must.

- Molly Napier

The only turkey sandwich that I know of that is good for a hangover. Soft bread of course!

- Zach Payne

Bread is great!

- Desiree Robertson

Get the Super Sub Soft, and the fried rice is also delicious!

- Daniel Chang

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