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Tips for Humdingers

get the salmon with pineapple salsa.

- Marty Scruggs

If they happen to have the shrimp and grits as a special, I know it's a seasonal thing, GET IT! As good as anywhere and with homemade, white cheddar grits. I love food and this is AWESOME!

- Emily Adams

Closest thing in town to the U.K. franchise of Nando's Peri Peri Chicken. Tasty & healthy food options.

- Leila  Miller

Start with an order of Humdingers Shrimp, served with Asian slaw.

- The Commercial Appeal

The sweet potato fries are the best!

- Rebecca W

Love the skewered shrimp with sauteed mushrooms.

- Beth G Sanders

Portobello fries are so good!

- Laurie Cato

New vegetarian options!

- Gayle Schultz

Grilled zucchini strips are a must as a side item.

- Jonathan Lyons

Th extra hot grilled chicken is indeed hot. I left sweating lol. If you're into spicy, try the Extra Hot Half Chicken (5/5). I had rice (2/5) and seasoned fries (4/5).

- Amos S

Try the Cucumber Lemon and Yogurt topping. Yum Yum!

- JSung

Highly recommend the Purity Purity Chicken Tacos

- dave barger

Great food!! Ahi Avacado salad was amazing! Something for everyone! My family loved it!!

- David Gates

Shrimp & grits without the pork sausage. The guy, Kejuan took my order and he has of the best personalities!! He knows everything about every dish!! He's awesome!!

- Leah Scott

Enjoyed it. Decent food, good service.

- Trina Leslie

Great portobello sandwich. Enjoyed tilapia fish sandwich too! We will be back!

- Dan Bureau

The food here is awesome....love the grilled tilapia and grilles shrimp!

- Courtney McCoy

Humdinger shrimp! Yum!

- Sondra Tucker


Humdingers Shrimp is pretty dang tasty. It's a milder version of Shrimp appetizer I've seen many times before. Very good though.

- Adam Hill

Definitely a Nando's-like place. And I enjoy Humdingers as much as I do Nando's in the U.K.

- Doug McQuirter

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