Tips for Kwik Check

The Ninja is the best sandwich in town

- Logan

Best sandwiches in Memphis

- Carrie Brown-Smith

Try the "Hey Zeus" and the vegetarian sandwiches. Great stuff!

- Jason Terrell

I remember when it used to not only be a deli but a small convenience store with toiletries and such. Try the Trojan, it's newer, but don't be deceived, it will enter your stomach before you know it.

- Ben Jordan

fireball of freedom will set you free!!!

- Jackie Sparks

That fried rice is lethal!!

- Rodd B

Bibimbop w/korean bbq. that's all you need to know. get it.

- Jonathan C

Since your here--- try a falafel. They are one of the best in Memphis.

- Jessica Grammer

The ninja. Best sandwich anywhere, ever.

- Kelli O'Brien

Try the gyros. Try anything. It's all good.

- The Commercial Appeal

Get a gyro. Hell, get two. Then sit at the counter and watch for Midtown notables while you pretend to read the Flyer.

- Lindsey Turner

The gyros and falafel are great!

- Linden W

the bibimbop is the most comforting food in Memphis. everything here is good. I would eat here everyday if I wouldnt go broke.

- Steve Masler

Turk was good! Don't judge this place by the outside, comfortable and clean on the inside.

- Derek Davenport

The Trojan is my new favorite sandwich ever! Try it!!!

- Jason Pace

Try the Flaming Fireball of Freedom. It's got just the right amount of heat and the best name on the board.

- Kerry Crawford

I love this place, especially the My Feta pita. For some reason apples keep finding their way into my pitas. Am I the only one? Weird but I don't hate it...

- Natalie

Food may take a second to get but it's totally worth it. Ninja all the way!

- Eric

For a great vegetarian option try the falafel. Amazing.

- Abby W

Bi Bim Bop!!!

- Jeff Brittain

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