Tips for Restaurant Iris

Try the brussels sprouts. They will change your mind about this much-maligned veggie.

- Jen Simmons Clarke

If they are on the menu get the BBQ shrimp and get extra bread for the sauce. Wow. All I can say is wow. Insanely amazing

- Jay R

Make reservations way in advance. We got really lucky with only a week early. Delicious food. A new local favorite.

- Samantha Fong

Restaurant Iris

Surf N Turf... You might want to share this

- Daniel Gharbawy

The brussel sprouts here are perfect. Their surf and turf was featured on 'The Best Thing I Ever Ate'.

- The Commercial Appeal

Try the Tennessee fois gras. Just amazing.

- Angela Knipple

Restaurant Iris

The food! The ambience! The service! Best birthday dinner ever.

- Alexis Boyle

Awesome atmosphere. Had a birthday and anniversary here. High quality meals. Amazing chef.

- Paul Fultz

A Great Place to Eat in Memphis

- Brad F

I loved the Brussels and the Scallops. Both were delish

- Erin Ford

The 5-course prix fixe is the best deal in town. Don't skip the surf n turf.

- Tiffany Langston

Check out Restaurant Iris as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate

- TV Food Maps

Great Louisiana inspired food. Local and elevated. If ain't cheap. Date night kinda place unless you're rich. Then you could eat here every night.

- Thomas Green

Chef Kelly English and other fine chefs will take your favorite fast food breakfasts and reinterpret them with only the freshest of ingredients at Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, May 29 – June 1.

- Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Sounds wonderful. Do they offer any vegetarian entrees?

- George Black

Everything was the deelishuness of my life

- Anthony Spraggins

Incredible food here. Ask for Jeff and Table 20. Let him order for you. Awesome!

- Nathan Kam

Get the Shrimp and grits

- Emile

Surf and Turf!!!!

- Jolie Lofties

The lobster knuckle sandwich, lamb gnocchi and surf and turf are absolutely divine.

- Kyshia Carey

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