Tips for Sekisui Pacific Rim

Always: crab salad, edameme, cold sake, and a redbirds roll!

- Lauren B.🐊🌻

The house salad with crab is delicious

- Tammy Morris

the Firebird roll will kick your butt. Nom.

- Beth G Sanders

A solid Memphis sushi chain. Start off with a ginger house salad.

- The Commercial Appeal

The pomegranate lemon sorbet is so yummy and beautifully served in a half lemon!

- Gina Clark

Jenny & Lynn are THE BEST!!! Ask for one of them if you can for your server. The new hostess is not really alert or attentive but don't let her ruin the experience for you!

- Lauren B.🐊🌻

BB roll is SOO good!

- Pamela Buchwalter

Get the Mochi for an after dinner treat. Yum!

- Eric Cook

Their Ginger salad is the best!!! They even sale their own ginger dressing!! Yum!!

- Brittany Cartwright

SPR is one of the best sushi places in Memphis, meaning it's most likely busy as you're reading this. Call ahead or use OpenTable to make a reservation just in case.

- John Walls

The Fireball roll is "Da Bomb" It's very spicy, but good.

- Wayne Branigan

Try the ribeye steak

- Bee Matthews

House salad has crab on it and is bomb

- David Sparks

Try the Alli roll, if you like it hot. Named after yours truly.

- Alli 🌙

Great lunch specials and their ginger dressing is super yummy!

- Rebecca W

This is the best of the Sekisui restaurants.

- Katherine Wooten

Sekisui Pacific Rim

Monday night bento box special.

- Marie Blankenship

Sekisui Pacific Rim

2 for Tuesday sushi menu

- Marie Blankenship

Tuesdays are 2 for $10 sushi rolls and 2 for 1 sake special. Sushi is always good and fresh. Friendly fast service. Open late at night. .. closed between 2 and 5 daily.

- Marie Blankenship

Love the ocean pyramid!

- Sarah Thrush-Jonkus

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