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Fri 11:30 AM–10:30 PM

Sat 5:00 PM–10:30 PM

Sun 5:00 PM–9:30 PM

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Tips for Sekisui

Redbirds Roll is were it's at!

- Lizzzzzzay

The best Sushi in town!!!

- Lee Vichathep

If you like the seaweed salad, try the Gelfand salad. The salmon skin has a good amount of meat on it. Very good.

- Peter Budd

Very attentive to the water level in your glass...you'll never be thirsty.

- Molly Laycock

To spice up things order the jalapeno soft shell crab. YUMM

- Ari

Best crunchy shrimp rolls in the city.

- Trisha Gurley

My kids love the tornado rolls. Yum.

- Andy

The midtown Sekisui is Project Green Fork certified.

- Kerry Crawford

Try the gyoza.

- Katherine Wooten

Jacksonville roll is my fave - spicy crunchy crawfish with seared tuna, garlic and cilantro. I love watching them make it because they use a little blowtorch! Fancy.

- Jada T

This place is like a hidden gem in midtown. Except that everybody knows how awesome it is.

- Joshua Whitefeather


Probably the best Churashi in Memphis

- Matthew Carroll

Saint's Roll.

- Joel Williams

Go for the Red Birds roll! It's amazing!

- Lauren Sherrill

The Jackson Five roll is worth a try!

- Emily Andrews

If you're like me and like your food as hot as fire (almost), try the S.P. roll. You won't be disappointed.

- Brian Crider

Try the Roll Baby Roll. Soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, fire sauce. Excellent.

- Michael Stephens

Check out the lunch combos. Prices range from $10-13 for sushi, sashimi or tempura and come with soup and salad.

- Jen Simmons Clarke

Anything you order is likely to be awesome, but I get the gyoza every time.

- Ryan Lancaster

I could eat the spicy crawfish roll every meal for the rest of forever. It's a must try!

- Kiersten Bagley

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